Covid 19

On Saturday, March 14, a change began that we really did not know the full scale of the effect it would have in our lives.

We had a little idea of what the coronavirus was but not the magnitude of what was to become a life changing, world wide pandemic.

The first few weeks were devastating when watching the news, watching the infections and especially the rising number of deaths.

Everything was changing.

For me (and for many others), an active, independent and hard-working person, this was a hard blow to have to stop everything with so much uncertainty, but "Health comes first" and we had to become aware that it was a struggle of everyone and for everyone.

The days went by and I tried to keep to a routine at home, doing exercise, learining new things and adapting to cohabiting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There were days that I managed more or less ok and others where everything just seemed dark. Exercise has been the most difficult, cohabiting less so, although I want to have my moments of independence just like him. For the first week or so I managed to do some exercise but as the state of alarm got extended my motivation reduced significantly to the point where I gave up even thinking about it. Rebecca didn't even manage the first week. :(. As a result we have both gained weight like many others.

We never thought that we would miss the gym so much, so starting tomorrow, Saturday, May 2, we are allowed to go for a walk or do sports for an hour, so both Rebecca and I are going to get serious about losing weight and getting in shape, you can follow our progress on the Blog Losing Weight Challenge.

On the other hand, I focused on new ways to promote Namaste for when we return to the new normality and will the help of Rebecca we have created this website (Basically she has created it and I have helped her in what she was saying to me, from the confinement that we have)

I think all need to reinvent ourselves, both in our personal and professional lives to offer the best as always.

Now, as of May 1, we continue to have doubts about COVID-19 and how our return to work will be and what will be the new "normality"

For my part I want to carry out all the hygiene and protection measures and open only when it is safe to do so.

As neither Government nor Health have said anything clear so far, I am leaning on Nuria (Pharmacist and Licensed Nutritionist and Enrique (Family Doctor) for information

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