Make Up to the Stars


What is not to like about waking up feeling not too great, putting on a little make up and then suddenly feeling a million dollars? 

Whether you like the natual look or a little more or you want to go crazy for a night like Halloween, we do it all.  Here are a few example of our work including local and well known stars. 

Phillip BrownPhillip Browne has stared in over 9 West End shows and sung with Sir Elton John and Barry Manilow. With a fantastic personality, strong stage presence and a rare velvet smooth bass voice, Phillip Browne is entertainment at it's best.


Liuba Doga: A singer songwriter who wants to make you smile :) Enjoy listening to the music.


Elles Bailey: Bristol based Elles Bailey (28) seamlessly weaves rootsy blues, country and soulful rock with a contemporary edge and her trademark ‘smoky vocals’ taking the lead. Her husky toned, lived-in voice sounds like she has a 60-a-day habit, but was actually caused by a serious illness when she was three. To save her, surgeons had to place a tube in her throat for seventeen days to allow her to breathe, affecting her voice giving it that 'blues feulled' quality that is getting her recognition wherever she sings.



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