Copy of FAQ´s

Can I book an appointment if I am taking medication or if I have a temperature?

You should always let us know if you are taking medications as we may not be able to perform the treatment but may be able to offer an alternative.

If you have high temperature or fever we cannot offer any treatments until the temperature is as normal.

Can I book a treatment if I am pregnant?

Some treatments cannot be performed if you are pregnant.  Please let us know how many weeks pregnant and what treatment you would like to book.  

Should I tell you if I have an illness?

Its very important that we know if you have an illness o allergies.  We should know if you are diabetic, have allergies, thyroid problems or pacemakers etc in order for us to personalize our treatment to your needs.

Can I book the same time slot for two of us?

At Namaste we like to work on a one to one basis in order to offer the best service possible so all time slots are individual, just you and your therapist.

I am unsure which treatment to choose.

Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you may have.  We are available on our online chat, telephone, whatsapp and email.