ByeByeCellulite Sensitive
ByeByeCellulite Sensitive

ByeByeCellulite Sensitive

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This phenomenal powerpack contains highly efficient active ingredients and unfolds a 3D-effect for improving the appearance of cellulite.

ByeByeCellulite sensitive contains combinations of active ingredients, which can enduringly improve the appearance of cellulite. ByeByeCellulite sensitive was developed for the sensitive skin and for the long term treatment. The highly efficient cream has no instant effect. The appearance of cellulite improves in general after approximately 2 weeks.

With the perfect interplay of the highly active ingredients the dents and bumps can be visibly evened and smoothed. ByeBye Cellulite sensitive helps firming the skin and harmonizing the skin texture. The appearance of cellulite can be reduced sustainably.

ByeBye Cellulite sensitive contains highly effective vegetable extracts, which unfold their effect in a 6-step-process:

  1. Improvement of blood circulation.
  2. Improvement of nutrient supply.
  3. Smoothing of the skin.
  4. Firming of the skin texture.
  5. Improvement of the skin elasticity.
  6. Harmonizing of the skin appearance.
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