Filler 4 Face con células madre vegetales

Filler 4 Face con células madre vegetales

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The ultimate rejuvenating treatment.

The ultimate rejuvenating day-and-night care for face and neck is soft like a soufflé, nevertheless, extremely rich in selected active ingredients.

Ayurvedic plant extracts, the resin of the guggul tree (Indian Myrrh), vegetable stem cells and hyaluronic acid of the latest generation make this cream a pure experience fo well-being with protective and rejuvenating effect.

The actives are transported to the skin cells in the base line, where they start immediately soft, but longlasting to take effect. The skin appears energized, firmed and rejuvenated. Let your skin shine and enjoy its velvety smooth structure.

  • Day-and-night rejuvenating care.
  • Reduction in appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • The ultimate freshness-boost for your skin (stem cells).
  • The ultimate rejuvenating treatment for stressed and irritated skin.
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